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Friday, April 4, 2008

Anniversary Dinner

Whew! My friends, it has been awhile since I have posted--but rest assured, it hasn't been because I haven't been eating (because I have been)...I have been working a lot and apartment hunting in any free time I have (which has been such an exhausting project to say the least)...

In any case, my 2-year anniversary (April 4) with my significant other snuck up on me so fast that, once again, I was completely outdone by him and came home after a very long day at work to find a little scroll on my desk tied up by a blue ribbon, which was a typed dinner menu that read:

Enjoy a fresh seafood dinner by candlelight:

*Miso Soup with sesame seeds
*Sashimi of Saku Tuna, Yellowtail, and Salmon
*Prawn, avocado and edamame salad
*Steamed rice with Furikake garnish
*Nigori Sake

It was the perfect light and fresh dinner I needed! And if you haven't tried Nigori (unfiltered sake), I highly recommend trying some because it is very refreshing, unique and absolutely yummy. Think of it as...rice milk. with alcohol. Pictured here is Snow Beauty, but there are many, many different kinds to try. I love the descriptions of sake because, similar to descriptions of wine, there are abundant adjectives and complex comparisons (that was an alliteration accident, i swear! oi!) that I find wildly entertaining and imaginative...

But what I really want to rave about is the Prawn, avocado and edamame salad he created for the occasion, because it was soooo good and deserves a guest spotlight so you can enjoy it at home too!

Prawn, Avocado, and Edamame Salad


* 5 or 6 large uncooked prawns, peeled, deveined and cleaned (frozen or fresh)
* 2/3 cup edamame beans (shelled and rinsed)
* 1 tsp. sesame oil
* 1 tsp. mirin
* sea salt & pepper (to taste)
* juice and zest of 1 lemon
* 1 large tomato (vine-ripened is best!), cubed
* 1 large avocado (Haas if possible), cubed


* Heat pan to medium high heat and add sesame oil.
* Sautee prawns and edamame beans with mirin, lemon juice and zest, and salt and pepper.
* Let cool and toss with tomato and avocado.
* Serve in a mound or pack into desired shape and top with a chive or garnish of choice.

Variations: try adding fresh mango chunks!

Thank you, Honey! Happy Anniversary!


Laura said...

Awww..Happy Anniversary you two! Seems like just yesterday we were all a ragtag bunch of weary travelers making our way around Berlin. The food looks excellent! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

You're worth it!