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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vegan Donuts

The Bay Area is *such* a trendy spot. One trend that has really grown rapidly is local organic products--supporting local organic farmers and sustainable living. The smaller the "carbon footprint" the better. (See highlights on the Bay Area's hot spots for organic and sustainable living)

Today I discovered the best vegan donuts I have ever had: Peoples Donuts, which are locally made in Berkeley, organic and vegan! Now, I am not vegan (but I do use many vegan products and recipes), and my honest opinion is that these little suckers were so tasty that I am ashamed to admit I shoveled two of them into my mouth and had to restrain myself from gobbling a third one. De-LISH!

So, whats in these little gems?!


* organic Unbleached Pastry Flour
* organic Soya flour
* water
* organic canola oil
* organic palm oil
* salt
* baking powder
* baking soda


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Happy Herbivore said...

I'm obsessed with vegan donuts... you haven't lived until you've had a vegan donut. I have a little ode to my favorites on my blog. I'll add this one. (p.s. go vegan!)