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Monday, November 21, 2011

Seven Truths About Vegas

Number 7
If your brother turns 40 on 11/11/11, there is only one thing you can do.

Convene in vegas for some shenanigans.

And, against all better judgment, invite all family and friends to do the same.

Number 6

Let me guess. Your second cousin suggests the birthday boy should play beer pong at 1 AM before gambling at a craps table, too? (And he talked your uncle into refereeing the game and staying up past midnight,which is way past his bedtime). Who are these crazy kids?

Number 5
If ever there was truth behind a legend of an Asian girl known as La China Poblana who was kidnapped by pirates and shipped to Mexico, I am ever so grateful for its inspiration in the foodie collision of China and Mexico. Jicama and Avocado on glass noodles with sesame dressing? Sounds implausible, but it is actually perfect. Mind-blowing, even.

And who am I to argue with putting twenty (20) vegetables in fried rice? I must recreate these dishes at home (stay tuned).

Number 4
When your friend, in all seriousness, suggests jumping off the 108th floor of the Stratosphere, it's obvious her judgment has been seriously impaired. Be a good friend and take her home before anything unmentionable happens.

Friends don’t let friends take 855-foot freefalls.

Number 3
If someone in Vegas asks you to tell him or her your deepest, darkest secret, do NOT do it! It’s a ploy that can only lead to bad things.

Vegas is for keeping secrets, not for sharing them (I don’t need to tell you that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas). This is not the time for such vulnerability and you are in no shape to divulge.

If you absolutely must spill the beans, tell this guy.

At least you can be certain your secrets are safe with him.

Number 2
Nobody can be trusted to make good (or rational) decisions on three hours of sleep. Nobody. See #6. Or #4.

Number 1
If you leave Vegas feeling defeated, then you’ve won!

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