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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Living

Um. Hi.

Yeah, it's been awhile. Two weeks of working 12-hour days makes your head spin so fast you barely remember how to get home so you can shower and get back to the office.

But I've been learning how to still fit in some reminders of summer.

1. If you buy those "living butter lettuce" things with the roots still attached, you can make yourself some tasty Tofu and Mushroom Lettuce Cups and put those roots back into some soil with plenty of water for another round of lettuce goodness! I wasn't sure this was going to work and none of my internet searches provided any confident answers. But, on the 4th of July, I was enjoying some sunshine and playing washoes out on the deck and I decided I'd test it out.

And now nearly 3 weeks later, check out this little guy.

2. If you don't have time to grocery shop or get to the farmer's market and you've been eating take-out (or order-in) meals at your desk for the fourth day in a row, you can still get a CSA box of produce delivered to your door. And sometimes you get surprised by unfamiliar items, like these Spanish black radishes.

Thank you Groupon, for letting me try out Farm Fresh to You for only $15!

Unfortunately, not everything was ripe upon arrival (see those sad looking green heirloom tomatoes?!), but most things improved within a couple of days. I can't say I'm gonna stick with the service though, because I love the ritual of walking around the farmer's markets oogling at all the fresh bounty and meeting the farmers who have put so much care into their work. Yup, I'm a produce nerd.

3. I managed to round up the troops for our annual August whitewater river rafting out at Cache Creek. People get busy quick and it's so easy to overbook the weekends or say that it's too much work to herd cats for a summer outing. But I am always glad to put this trip together and I look forward to it every summer because it's the perfect time for such a trip. I'm particularly excited for this trip because my friend, Aja, and her husband, Chris, are driving up from Los Angeles to join us! And, just this morning, we finally found an affordable tent at Sports basement. Bring on the camping adventures!

4. If you wake up at 7am and its already sunny out on the deck, taking just 20 minutes to sit in a reclining chair before going to work can make you feel like you've been lounging around on a Saturday afternoon. Sometimes it's those little stolen moments that will get you through the week until Saturday rolls around and you can lounge around all afternoon...

5. Check out this Beach Buddy!

Oh. my. Raidin. cutieface.

I love being an aunt! I need to get back to Maui. Don't we all.

Summer, you are delicious.

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VS said...

Ya even I would like to walk around farmer's market. Feel the vegetables and check them and then buy it.

I am having a summer drink giveaway in my blog. Do check it out when you get a chance.