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Friday, May 13, 2011

SF Food Blogger Bake Sale: May 14

Saturday is a big day. It's the Second Annual National Blogger Bake Sale.**

Organized by the amazing Gaby Dalkin of What'sGabyCooking, this bake sale is held across several cities, drawing in cupcake eaters and brownie scarfers alike to benefit a non-profit called Share our Strength, which is dedicated to eradicating childhood hunger in the United States by 2015.

Hunger is a searing pain that snatches all thoughts and locks onto one single goal: eating. But when food supply is short, expensive or unavailable, nothing can take your mind off the uncomfortable feeling of an empty tummy. Brooke of Food Woolf shared a powerful story about her memories of being hungry as a child. And in all honesty, her story inspired me to participate in this bake sale.

I feel honored to have the opportunity to participate in such a worthy cause. I also find it incredibly inspiring to see everyone come together to get creative in the kitchen and bring their finest for the occasion. San Francisco alone raised $1700 in last year's bake sale! That is surely something to be proud of.

For you, I made an island favorite - mango bread.

A lightly spiced cake made moist and sweet with fresh mango puree and cubes of mango.

I also made Coffee & S'mores Chocolate Bark. Made with organic dark chocolate, coffee beans, marshmallow, graham cracker and maldon sea salt.

I hope you will find your local Blogger bake Sale and get yourself a tasty treat that you can feel good about. If you're in San Francisco, head over to Kiehl’s store (on Fillmore at Washington St between 12pm - 4pm) or 18 Reasons (on Guerrero at 18th Street between 10am and 6pm). I should disclose that I am also a volunteer for 18 Reasons because it is a non-profit aimed at something near and dear to my life and upbringing in Hawaii - building community through food.

On saturday, you can find my baked goods at 18 Reasons, but I will also be hawking other Hawaiian baked goods at another charity fundraiser for The Food Pantry. Can you tell I really, really, REALLY don't want anyone to go hungry? I don't.

I am returning to New Taste Marketplace with the beloved custard mochi.

Photo By Sonya Yu.

And I might tote along a few jars of pickled grapes.

Photo by Sonya Yu.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

**Pay no attention to the fact that this is being posted just hours before the event. This is not at all indicative of how I survived my college days. Nope. No Siree. Better late than never, right?


Anonymous said...

I love all of your island treats :)

Jason said...

Looking forward to the market today!

Anonymous said...

I bought some of your mango bread and it was amazing! Thank you!