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Friday, March 25, 2011

March 2011 SF Underground Market

There have been a few milestones going on around here. In March 2010, Elianna and I decided to take part in the local foodie community by making some pickled grapes to sell at the SF Underground Market. Since then, Elianna has branched out to become the Executive Director for New Taste Marketplace and I have continued to share some food from the islands with the local community. I have even got a couple of reviews!

Come visit me at the SF Underground Market tomorrow. You will be so excited you did. There will be lots of food vendors with local goodies to share, music (maybe even a violinist?) and a full bar to extend shenanigans until 2 am.

If you come by, I will be slinging the best "ono kine grindz" (read: most delicious food) you can find in the bay area. Just don't ask me to "talk pidgin". I have enlisted the generous help of my friend Neil of Mission Gastroclub to help me create some impressive dishes:

Homemade “SPAM” Musubi
Special blend of pork, duck and chicken! That's right. Neil and I have figured out how to make homemade spam so we know exactly what went it in and it is De-LISH! I am really excited about learning how to finally make this in a respectable manner that puts Hormel to shame.

Soy-Glazed Tofu-Takuan Musubi
VEGAN musubi with glazed tofu, pickled radish and seaweed seasoning.

Homemade Beef Patty, Fried Egg & Miso Gravy served on a bed of Nori-Scallion Rice

Hibiscus Tea
Sweet-sour hibiscus steeped with a hint of cinnamon and island love.

I'd love to see you. Come on, pretend you're an islander, even if only for a day.


suzie said...

See u tonight! - Suzie from hubieQ bbq

5073 said...

Loved the Loco Moco. Is that a recipe you can share? The March 26 Underground was my first Underground experience. Since then, I was have kept an eye out for stand at subsequent ones. I am really craving the loco moco with the nori-rice. Hope you can help!

5073 said...

I have been craving the Loco Moco you served at the March 26th Underground. Is there any chance, I could get the recipe or would you be doing another underground? Hope you can help!


Morgan Lee said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe for the loco moco since I made it on a whim in a large batch. But, I hope to sell more housemade SPAM and loco moco if I can get into Iso's underground market again as a vendor. It's a pretty subjective process so there is no telling when that might happen, but I will update the blog if I get the chance to sell again!

Thank you for your kind words--I am so glad you liked it!