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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sprinkles Cupcakes. and more cupcakes.

If you look at my datebook for December 14, all that is written for that date is "get a Sprinkles cupcake". On that day, the famous Sprinkles truck was going to drive up from Los Angeles and park itself a block away from my work. I vowed to eat one, so I put it in writing as a little contract of sorts. You see, these things are important to me. Who cares about my 3 pm meeting or a 10 am conference call?!

And have one, I did.
You might know that I am obsessed with red velvet cupcakes and am continuously on a search for the most delicious one. The red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles was better than That Takes the Cake. The cake was so dense and moist and flavorful and the icing was delightful. The cupcakes were so popular that by noon, the truck had sold out of its stock and had to send another truck up from its Palo Alto location to replenish the cupcakes and feed the anxious line squiggling around Justin Herman Plaza. Thankfully, Sprinkles will be opening up a location in SF later this year. Thank you for that--I can't wait!

My office recently ordered some cupcakes from Kingdom Cake, which has an astounding menu that includes creative flavors like White Russian, Vanilla Chai Tea, and Eggnog. You can even get Pancakes n' Bacon or a savory Butternut Squash cupcake with Sage frosting and a Pineapple Custard filling. Squeal! Unfortunately, we only ordered Mimosa and Basil Lemon Blueberry (which were absolutely amazing), so I need to go back and try the red velvet. Maybe I will order the $9 King Size one. Mission Minis just opened up in SF and they are next on my list. And, sadly, I still haven't tried the famous red velvets from Auntie Em's of Los Angeles, which I admit I never knew about until seeing it on Throwdown with Bobby Flay despite the bakery being really close to my old college campus in Eagle Rock. If you aren't in LA, the red velvet guru, Terry Wahl, has graciously shared her coveted recipe with the red velvet freaks like me.

Of course, as much as I love red velvets, I would gladly trade even the world's best red velvet cupcake for a plain old fashioned vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting from Magnolia's.Because nobody does cupcakes better than Magnolia's. Nobody. Good thing a Los Angeles location will be opening up shortly.

Cupcakes = Love.

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