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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PB&J Madness

I once got into an argument with a stranger over whether an "adult" can still eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (affectionately known as PBJ's). It's the truth. She claimed that those who eat PBJ's never really grew up into adulthood. I can't remember the end result of this ridiculous debate....perhaps we had to agree to disagree...oh, and something along the lines of "I eat PBJ's when I want!"

If you ever make pancakes, put a little dollop of peanut butter in the pancake right after you have poured the batter onto the hot griddle. Then heat up your favorite jam and use it in place of maple syrup. Trust me, you will be so happy to discover PB&J pancakes. Or, make a classic PB&J, lightly butter both sides of the bread and grill it just you would for a grilled cheese sandwich...YUM.

You know, I recently discovered that this SF bar called Butter, which you might hear referred to as "a classicly trashy bar" that serves forty's of Miller High Life, jello shots and deep fried twinkies (among other things). I have to say that, before Butter, I have never seen a menu that made me want to laugh as though it was a comic strip about robot porn. I mean, just imagine yourself ordering drinks called Whitetrash Driver (good 'ol vodka and Sunny-D) or a Shotgun Wedding while keeping a straight face!...Of course, my latest girls-night-out adventure landed me at Butter with a forty in one hand, jello shot in another while listening to some 90's hits...out of the corner of my eye, I catch their specials scribbled on a board. Deep fried PBJ. Gasp! Really?! I spent a good ten minutes wondering why I hadn't thought of this treat myself. It surprised me.

And then there was Stone Brewery in San Diego, whose menu is always full of fresh and creative ideas (like Mac 'n Beer Cheese). I was so happy to find their creative version of PBJ: a slather of pistachio butter, local apricot jam and a semi-soft cheese, which was all pressed between delicate slices of bread similar to ciabatta. It was one of the best panini sandwiches I have ever had....They mix up the type of preserves and cheese from time to time, but I am sure it is always reliably magical. Stone also has a very creative daily vegetarian special, which you can sign up to receive by email if you are ever at a loss for recipes and want to be inspired by unusual dishes.

p.s.--I also prefer to eat my waffles with PB&J. Try it! Feel free to share your favorite PB&J combinations/variations...

I am heading out this morning on a road trip to Portland/Seattle and you know I have packed all the PB&J fixins!

Happy PB&J eating! :)