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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ode to Blueberries!

Oh, blueberry, you are so fresh, ripe, sweet and sour!
My perfect soluble fiber snack. My perfect round button with stars...
I like you raw, baked, frozen, or juiced! You have lots of antioxidants!
You gorgeous blueberry, you!!!
Everyone who knows me knows that I looove fruit. I could eat fruit all day, at any time, and in really large quantities...A friend once pointed out that some fruits might trigger a sensitive stomach and tried to explain that fruit (including 100% fruit juice) is really high in sugar and I argued that no one, and I meant no one, could get me to give up fruit (plus don't even get me started on the difference between fructose and sucrose)!
...and if you aren't able to get local blueberries, chances are you will easily find blueberries imported from Chile...

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