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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Medovník from Klub Architektu in Prague

We have been friends long enough for me to divulge the truth. I have never been a huge cake fan. I'm sorry. If you are too upset, we don't have to talk about it. Okay, I admit that there is always the occassional homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that really makes me smile. But cake has never been something that really made me swoon...until I went to Prague (Praha) and became completely bewitched by a traditional treat known as Medovník. Just the thought of it makes me want to sqeal Medovníííííííííííík! It's a honey cake with layers and layers of what can only be described as light fluffy layers of spiced romance.
Prague is full of little foodie addictions that you just can't bring yourself to shake because the urge to indulge is stronger than anything you have ever imagined...and suddenly you are drunk on strawberry juice and quickly shoveling Krokety (small round potato croquettes usually made from potatoes, eggs, flour, butter, and salt) into your mouth by the countless handful...But let's not get sidetracked. We came here to discuss the honey cake, didn't we?!

It all started with Jara...oh, Jara, I blame you! (I also blame you for exposing me to bread with a thin layer of butter and salt on it, which is just wicked on so many levels and you have to promise me you won't hold such admission against me...You see, my Czech friend, Jaroslav (fondly known to me as Jara), worked as a waiter at my favorite Czech restaurant, Klub Architektu, at Betlemske Namesti, 5a...and if you ever make it to this charming city, I hope you will take it upon yourself to find it...It's a quaint restaurant tucked away underground in a dimly lit cellar with gorgeous ceilings...and I am so eternally grateful for the many people who have catalogued the amazingness that is this little underground restaurant... Ah, Medovník. It's like the alluring layers of honey and nuts in baklava, only it's been turned into a soft...moist...cake. *sigh* I desperately miss those layers upon delicate layers of honey cake crumbs, finely chopped walnuts, creamy icing and what is most likely opium to account for why it is so damned addicting!

Jara said that the honey cake is usually made by one bakery in Prague and then carted around to all the places that sell it (which is fantastic because you can count on its consistency and quantity). There is a company that claims to make the true original Medovnik, but I cannot be sure that it is the supplier of all the honey cake in Prague...

Seek it out, my friend! I am sure that you, too, will be overcome by honey cake fever...

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Tracy LeMieux said...

Ah, I've been trying to find my good friend Jara on the internet but have had no luck. I lived in Prague for a year (2004) and have no way of getting ahold of him. Do you happen to have an email, or anything? I would be so grateful!!!!