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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sushi in the City

When we go out for sushi, there is only one choice. This little family-owned sushi gem is such a hidden secret in this city that I can't even tell you the name of it because its hard enough getting a table as it is without any advertising...There are only 2 tables (yes, 2!!!) and 8 bar seats in the whole place--one chef (aka "the machine"), his assistant (who assembles the hot food items) and one waitress...and they can barely accommodate the demand for this top-notch, creative and fresh sushi.

Sea bass and mango cups broiled in a garlic mayo sauce topped with tobiko:

(from left to right)--Tuna, avocado, mayo and macadamia nut (x2), Albacore, mango, mayo and macadamia nut (x2), Spicy tuna with avocado, Spider roll (soft-shell crab):

(from top to bottom and left to right)--Salmon avocado roll, Rainbow roll (the works!), Unagi (eel) and papaya, and an Octopus avocado roll:

We also ordered a platter of 12 sake nigiri (salmon & rice) because their salmon is the best I have ever tasted...but I somehow failed to take a photo of this one, probably because we gobbled it up so quickly....

Now, I am from Maui and I've been raised on raw fish and sushi--I have had more than my fair share of sushi and tried soooo many sushi places....but *this* place...this place wins:

*the best sushi*. ever.

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