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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eliza's Chinese Restaurant, San Francisco

I want to know why the little Portrero Hill nook called Eliza's Chinese Restaurant gets such good reviews...It was even rated in the "Top 10 Best Chinese Food of 2007"...I cannot figure it out. I didn't hate it or anything extreme, but Top 10?!!? I think not. This is San Francisco, people! Still, it was tasty....and I appreciated (read: was highly amused by) the "slummy new wave" decor--bright, neon and out of place. And while not traditional, they seem to attract a loyal following by cutting down the grease and offering lots of fresh veggies and tofu options and brown rice...

Fried Crab Meat Rangoon: Terrible. and waaaay too much cream cheese.

Hoisin String Beans: Some of the best I have *ever* had...Wok-cooked, sauced perfection!

Honey Walnut Prawns: I happen to really love this dish, but it's tough to find a place that really knows what they are doing....this dish was decent at Eliza's, but I have had better....I really did not like the batter--texture or flavor--and the sauce drowned out the flavors...

Chow Mein: Decent. Vegetables were delicious, but I didn't like the texture of the noodles...

I am looking forward to trying my vegetarian friend's recommendation: Shangri-La--100% vegetarian Chinese. Fancy that.

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