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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Beer Tasting!

Lineup for Our Winter Beer Tasting

This year, we decided to host a holiday dinner and winter beer tasting at our place because we dont usually have the opportunity to see our friends during the holidays...Seasonal ales can be fun to collect and some are pretty tasty--but watch out because many seasonal ales are high in ABV!! Have you ever tried a pumpkin ale?! Yum.

Here is a photo and list of about half of the beers we featured at the tasting (from left to right):


Sierra Nevada--Celebration Ale--India Pale Ale--6.8%
Alesmith--Yulesmith--Imperial Double Red Ale--9.5%
St. Bernard--St. Bernardus Christmas Ale--Belgian Strong Ale--10%
Het Anker--Gouden Carolus Noel--Belgian Strong Brown Ale--10.5%
Anchor Steam--Anchor Our Special Christmas Ale--Spiced Beer--5.5%
Huyghe--Delirium Noel--Belgian Strong Ale--10%
Affligem--Noel--Spiced Belgian Strong Ale--9%
Moylan's--White Christmas--Belgian Wit--6.5%
Avery Brewing Co.--Old Jubilation Ale--English Strong Ale--8%


Steele said...

Long live Yulesmith! GREAT party, guys!

Anonymous said...

but what about the food?? I've got a beer tasting scheduled for tomorrow and want to know what fun noches (sp?) to serve.

Morgan Lee said...

We did not pair specific foods with the holiday beers--that is saved for another Beer Tasting!! Instead, we had a traditional holiday dinner, which included:

* roast turkey
* garlic mashed potatoes
* cranberry relish
* vegetarian nut loaf
* gravy
* green bean casserole
* candied yams
* vegetarian cornbread stuffing
* a pumpkin dessert
* ollalieberry pie

However, holiday ales are frequently spiced with cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, and/or cardamom so I would think traditional holiday foods would match these flavors....

Good luck!